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dbus-cxx is a C++ wrapper for dbus. It exposes the C API to allow direct manipulation and relies on sigc++ to provide an OO interface. Also included is dbus-cxx-xml2cpp to generate proxy and adapter interfaces from DBus XML introspection-like documents.

If you want to jump into the code quickly check out the quick start guide: Quick Start Guide to dbus-cxx

dbus-cxx Github Project Page
The dbus-cxx Github project page can be found here:

Download dbus-cxx packages or get the source code

Pre-built packages

Pre-built Debian packages may be found here: http://apt.rm5248.com/. These may or may not work properly with Ubuntu.

Debian/Ubuntu package description

Source Code
Releases - (.bz2, .gz, .zip) can be found on Sourceforge and Github
Git Repository
  • You can browse the git repository at this url:
  • You can also check out a copy of the repository with this command:
    • git clone https://github.com/dbus-cxx/dbus-cxx.git 

Dependencies... and where to get them
dbus: http://dbus.freedesktop.org - Should be installed by default (runtime dependency)
libsigc++ http://libsigc.sourceforge.net/ (compile dependency) See the README file for more information on compile-time dependencies
libcppgenerate https://github.com/rm5248/libcppgenerate (compile dependency)

Documentation, Tutorials, Guides, Quick Start, et. al.
Quick Start Guide
If you want to jump into the code quickly check out the Quick Start Guide to dbus-cxx guide.
dbus-cxx-xml2cpp Reference
Documentation on using dbus-cxx-xml2cpp to convert DBus XML introspection documents into C++ proxies and adapters.
API Reference
The API documentation (including the pages you are reading now) have been generated with Doxygen.
The built documentation also includes a devhelp index. The index is installed automatically in the dbus-cxx-doc RPM and can be browsed simply by starting devhelp.
The most current documentation for dbus-cxx is available online here:
Key sections within the API reference

Mailing Lists
Note that the old Sourceforge mailing lists are monitored, but new users should use the Google group.

Found a bug? Open a bug on our Github bug tracker: https://github.com/dbus-cxx/dbus-cxx/issues If you need help using the library, the mailing list is the better location to ask for help.

Patches are always welcome!!!
You can either submit a patch through the mailing list, or create a pull request on Github.

Feature Requests
Either open a bug in the issue tracker, or provide your request to the mailing list. If it is a complicated feature request, the mailing list may be better to discuss what needs to be done.

dbus-cxx is released under the GPLv3

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